Advanced Log Viewer - Overview and Features

Advanced Log Viewer is free tool for both personal and commercial use. It's designed for easy but powerful viewing of log files in Windows.
This tool is developed in my free time as an independent hobby-project for enjoying of development in C# and also for simplification of my daily work when I have to investigate some log files.
If this tool is useful also for someone else, I'll be happy :) If you find some bug or have any proposals about new features, just write me an email: ondrej at salplachta dot net. I'll appreciate any feedback. If you find ALV useful, you can Donate my work on this project.

List of key features:
  • Log content is shown in structured parsed form (Date, Thread, Class, ....)
  • Possibility to browse for logs around currently opened log file
  • One log message is represented by one item in log viewer (multiline message is parsed as one item - typically exception)
  • Advanced Log Viewer can be Portable (e.g. on usb flash or network drive) - no need to install on every computer.
  • Adjust log level directly in associated Config file for each log (currently is supported log4net).
  • Auto refresh when file is changed / auto scroll (live logs watching)
  • Advanced filtering - by date (from, to) or / and by text/regex in specified column(s) or by SQL-like query
  • Search for text up or down in specified column(s). Fully supports also regex.
  • Color highlighting by text content (fully customizable by the user)
  • Icons by message type (Debug, Error, Warn, ...)
  • Clickable small side panel with color markers indicating warnings and errors.
  • Jump to nearest date time or line number
  • Drag and drop file to show it's content
  • Synchronized movement between multiple instances of ALV (different logs) by date time
  • Jump to nearest date time in different log
  • List of another log parts with possibility to show or merge them.
  • Bookmarks for simpler orientation
  • Integration with any external Text diff tool to compare message content between two lines
  • List of recently opened log files with possibility to mark any file as favorite
  • Quickly navigate thru all opened instances of ALV by pressing CTRL+TAB
  • Open log quickly in external text editor (e.g. notepad)
  • And much more...

If you miss any feature, please post your request / question in the issue tracker. Thanks for any feedback!
Here you can check features/bug fixes which will be included in the next version of the ALV.